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Hand Blown Glass Urns

Anchor Bend is honored to offer Urns and smaller Memorable Keepsakes to remember your loved ones. You have the option to infuse the glass piece with cremains as a design accent. In addition, you can also have blown urn vessels to hold extra cremains. Give us a call for artist assistance to create your special piece(s). #1-401-667-7338


How do I get the cremains to you?

We'll send you a free customized collection kit with a sealable plastic container. Add the proper amount of cremains per item purchased and send back to us. Ideally cremains should be shipped to us USPS Priority Express as per the postal service regulations on shipping cremains; we'll accept shipments if they arrive to us otherwise. Drop off at either of our locations is also available.

What do ashes look like inside glass?

The ash will appear as gentle opalescent white accents in the glass along with occasional bubbles that sparkle with light.

What happens with any additional cremains?

If there is extra ash left over we can either scatter locally or return the ash to you via priority express mail as per your instruction (additional costs will apply.) Larger blown urns can be designed / made to contain additional cremains.

How long does this process take?

Your beautiful artwork will be sent back within 6 weeks once we get the kits unless otherwise noted. You will be updated throughout the process as well.

Can the urn/keepsake be customized?

Yes, one of our artists would be happy to talk over the phone with you to discuss design and color options. #1-401-667-7338

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