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Trophies & Gifts


$ 202 - $ 422


$ 262 - $ 552

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How does the branding differ between the wooden and glass base?

A brass or brushed nickel plate is affixed to the face of the wooden base.

The glass base is sandblasted using a custom stencil resulting in an etched appearance.

Can I have the front and back of the glass base etched?

Yes, but additional fees may apply.

Can I have just the sculpture etched with no base?

This may be a possibility, however the design of the piece would need to be adjusted and custom order pricing would apply.

Can my logo be etched on the glass base?

Any basic style logo can be etched. Finely detailed logos, intricate fonts, or very fine print may not be possible.

Do you offer square glass bases?

No, we only offer round at this time.

Can I order multiple pieces with different names?

Yes. We would provide a proof for each name.

Can I order something custom?

Yes. We would be happy to work with you on a custom trophy or gift, custom order pricing would apply and the turnaround on a custom piece would be longer than a standard design. Below is a gallery consisting of custom trophies and gifts we have made over the years.

Can I have multiple plaques on one base?

Yes, different base options are available to accommodate multiple plaques.

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