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Anchor Bend Glassworks is an unprecedented glass art collaborative comprised of childhood friends Michael Richardson, Justin Tarducci, and Timothy Underwood. We all met while exploring our shared enthusiasm for art, glass, and creation. The talents from all three glass blowing artists encourage and compliment the energy and originality that permeates every piece of glass that we create, such as a blown glass sculpture or ornament. Since its establishment in 2003, Anchor Bend has played a prominent role in the Newport arts scene and we pride ourselves on giving back to the community.


Anchor Bend is constantly striving to honor and expand the glass blower's art. Our innovation is fueled through experimentation and creation. Put simply, we love what we do and do what we love! Anchor Bend is proud to share our labor of love with you. Thank you for your support and great taste in hand blown glass art.


Anchor Bend Glassworks


is an unprecedented three member glass team. This unique collaborative produces exceptional award-winning glass art. Learn more about the team members: 



Michael Richardson has been interested in art since childhood. The beginnings of his inspiration was found in the different cultures and styles that he was exposed to traveling with his family. Initially interested in illustration, his time spent in Japan, Hawaii, and Mexico helped create his personal style. Throughout his development, Richardson explored other mediums and found a new mode of expression through glass. He began blowing glass during his high school years and valued the encouragement of his art teacher. As Michael continued his education and artistic development he received a BFA from St. Michael's College in Vermont. The fluidity of molten glass offered new opportunities to create art and combine his love for two dimensional design and three dimensional sculpture. Also a skilled marketing and studio manager, he looks forward to continued artistic development. Michael loves to see people take pleasure in the work Anchor Bend creates and finds continual inspiration through the many aspects of life. When not creating with the Anchor Bend team, he enjoys surfing, skating, and spending time with his wife and family.



Prior to the founding of Anchor Bend Glassworks, Tim, a native Rhode Islander, apprenticed with several nationally recognized studios and artisans. Starting with his natural talent and abilities he has carefully developed and honed them over the years, taking him into an arena occupied by very few masters of this art form. Tim has developed an excellent reputation in the industry, respect of his peers, and is recognized for his dynamic abilities. Not only highly proficient in the required skills necessary for designing and creating unique and individual objects of art from glass, he has also mastered the technical requirements of a production studio.   


This dedicated father of two, who has been involved in the glass blowing business for over fourteen years, has recently been associated with a local high school mentoring program. This program takes the responsibility of guiding and introducing a high school student through the complete business process from ordering, stocking, accounting and billing, to the actual glass blowing process. Interfacing with the school and fulfilling their requirements for documentation added to his own knowledge base and that of Anchor Bend Glassworks. Tim, when not surfing for relaxation, can occasionally be seen instructing his young son Rex in the basic techniques and skills of the trade.



Justin Tarducci, a native Newporter, began blowing glass at the age of 14. This hands-on experience allowed him to develop the craft and his personal style earlier than most of his contemporaries. As a result, Tarducci was accepted into the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design where he studied the conceptual aspects of glass work and further developed his distinctive approach to the medium. Following his completion of the BFA he had apprenticeships with local glass blowers including John Bolger Glass where, as head gaffer, he learned invaluable lessons on technique and production work. His studies, experience, and field knowledge provided him the tools to open Anchor Bend Glassworks with his colleagues Underwood and Richardson. Since the opening of their Newport based gallery, they have received numerous accolades and awards for their exceptional work in the craft and art of glass blowing. In addition to his work with Anchor Bend Glassworks he works on collaborative projects with other artists including his sister, a Pittsburgh based oil painter. As an artist first, Tarducci continually strives to further his knowledge and understanding of this unique medium and produce innovative designs with his 20 plus years of experience and skill.


The Anchor Bend Glassworks artists pride themselves on a collaborative team effort in creating original works of glass art. Likewise, they wanted their logo to also be representative of their values. Each element of its design was created to instill the significance of teamwork and acknowledge the deep tradition of glass blowing.


At the center of this concentric circle is the primary logo; that of the 17th century alchemy symbol for glass. Although the symbol itself is significant, its importance to Anchor Bend Glassworks comes from its resemblance to an actual anchor. Since all three artists are Newport natives it only seemed fitting that a nautical theme be present in their work.


The logo uses the primary color red, which is symbolic of the hot furnace and fire used when blowing and sculpting glass.


Continuing on the nautical theme, the company name ‘Anchor Bend’ is a type of knot used to attach a rope to an end point. For us though it represents how our roots are anchored here in the Ocean State. Each layer of this design is a separate but connecting part of the logo, which comes full circle to represent and honor the long tradition of glass blowing.

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