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What We Offer

Anchor Bend is pleased to offer custom lighting to accent your space, large or small. Please enjoy our portfolio of satisfied customers to see examples of the available colors and designs offered.


How quickly can my piece be made?

Within 2-4 weeks of design approval.

What range of styles of material do you offer?

We strive to meet the vision you have for your custom glass piece. All colors and materials are offered.

Can pieces be made to fit already existing hardware?

Yes. When filling out a request form, please specify what hardware is already in place along with measurements, to give us a better idea of whether we can use it in our design process.

Is there a minimum purchase?

There is a nonrefundable deposit of $100 dollars upon beginning of production.

What are size limits?

There are no limits on how large or how small a piece can be. Size, however, does not determine the price of a piece.

Request Form

Please attach any relevant images that may help describe your desired piece.


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